Smoking is known to be hazardous to your health.

Scientific studies have proven that smoking causes: strokes, macular degeneration contributing to vision loss, premature ageing, and reduced life expectancy. It is also highly addictive resulting in cravings.

QUIT is an integrated solution that helps to manage cigarette cravings by empowering the smoker to set the time intervals between cigarettes. We understand that making a change is a process. QUIT helps you to extend your time without a cigarette in periods of withdrawal and gradually reduce your cravings over time.

Quit with QUIT

All in one: smart case, app, & support network.

Puts you in control

With QUIT’s mobile app and timer function, you can create your own plan for quitting smoking and set the intervals between cigarettes. Don’t let your cravings take control. Challenge yourself by setting your own schedule to manage your smoking habits. Once your have completed your interval you will get a notification through your smart case and app that you can smoke.

See your progress over time

With QUIT’s progress tracker, you can set goals for yourself and review your progress. The tracker creates a comparison to your previous habit and shows how much of your time and money you have saved since you started to reduce smoking. It is easier to stay motivated when the results are right in front of you.

Get support from others quitting smoking

Quitting smoking can feel like a lonely journey. QUIT’s app features peer support networks where you can share on the challenges of quitting smoking and help others to progress.

How QUIT works

QUIT enables you to create a smoking cessation plan that is unique to you. Additionally, QUIT can also provide a recommendation plan to help you succeed.

As an example, for a smoker of 20 cigarettes or “a pack-a-day,” we recommend starting the plan by setting your goal on the QUIT App to 1.5 hour intervals for the first week. Your body will initially experience some cravings as you adjust to an extended time without a cigarette. If the cravings become too difficult, you may supplement the extended interval with an aid such as a nicotine patch or nicotine gum. As individual body is different, your body may need several weeks to adapt to the new schedule before you switch to a longer time interval.

During your journey, you can connect with the QUIT community to share in your progress and get others’ advice on how to break the cravings.

Over the period of weeks and eventually months, you will see the improvements that you have made in your life.


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